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Shareholder and Contract Disputes

by | Jul 1, 2019

When it comes to running a business, forming partnerships is inevitable. Not only is it an important aspect of securing your company’s stability, but it provides you with financial help that you may need to keep your business up and running.

Although you may form partnerships and sign contracts with people who you consistently work with and trust, sometimes disputes arise and disagreements occur. When this happens, it is important to know what to do and how to handle a contract or shareholder dispute so that your business doesn’t suffer.

Shareholder Disputes When a dispute occurs, it often doesn’t seem necessary to contact a lawyer, but this is usually the best option. Contacting a lawyer will help protect you and your company.

If you are filing a dispute as a shareholder, then a lawyer to look at the entire situation and let you know if you have a substantial case on your hands. Technically, if you’re in a dispute with your ‘partner,’ then this is considered a shareholder dispute. Often times, many business owners are not technically in a partnership with another individual, but they are actually co-shareholders. A lawyer will be able to tell the difference between a true partnership and a co-shareholder.

After this has been identified, a lawyer will then review your written agreement with the other individual or business to determine if and how a disagreement has breached a contract.

Contract Disputes While contract disputes can be quite complex, they are a little easier for a lawyer to review to determine if there has been a breach. Whether you are dealing with a colleague who isn’t following contract terms appropriately or you feel there has been a mistake with a contract you have signed, hiring a lawyer is the best solution to the problem.

As a business owner, it is essential to have a business lawyer on your side. Regardless of whether you drafted the contract on your own or simply signed on the dotted line, your business lawyer will know what steps to take so that your business is protected from liability.

Hiring a Lawyer

Although nobody wants to disagree with someone who they have learned to trust, disputes and arguments can sometimes overwhelm both parties.

A business lawyer will do whatever is necessary to ensure you are protected in the case of a shareholder or contract dispute, and will try to find the best solution. A business lawyer can also help with contract revisions, bringing a contract through the mediation or arbitration process.

Miami Business Law Attorneys

These situations can be tricky and difficult to understand. Sometimes it’s hard to see who is at fault or what steps you can take next. If you are in the middle of a shareholder or contract dispute, then contact  Miami business lawyers at Campbell Law Group online or at 305-460-0145. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to determine your needs and how we can help you.

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