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Corporate Formation

Properly incorporating your business is integral to any new business’ success. Whether you are considering starting a corporation, partnership (GP, LLP, LLLP) or LLC, each type of entity has its own set of benefits, liabilities, risks, and tax implications that must be weighed based on your unique circumstances and business goals.

Here at the Campbell Law Group, we have experience advising clients as to all matters related to the formation of a company, as well as setting up international subsidiaries in Florida.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the combination of processes, practices, and rules that are used to manage and direct a company. This includes strategies for communicating with shareholders, managing risk, and complying with ever-changing legal requirements.

A company’s corporate governance is just as important to its existing shareholders, as it is to prospective shareholders, capital partners, vendors and financial institutions since it shows a company’s direction and business integrity which in turn builds trust in the company.

One of the purviews of corporate governance, is communication with its investors and the community at large. A company’s communication of its corporate governance is a key component to a healthy company both inside and out. For example, on Apple Inc.’s investor relations site, Apple outlines its corporate leadership—its executive team, its board of directors—and its corporate governance, including its committee charters and governance documents, such as its bylaws, stock ownership guidelines, and articles of incorporation.1 This allows investors and third parties thinking about investing or lending the company money to get a feel for the corporate environment and the necessary transparency of the company’s interworking which instills confidence and ultimately trust in the company.

Just as important as communication with your investors and the community at large is the legal sufficiency and professionalism of your corporate governance documents. Such documents, include, but are not limited to articles of incorporation or organization, bylaws, shareholder, operating or partnership agreement, licensing agreements. and compliance with all local, city, state, federal and international laws.

Scope of Services

The Campbell Law Group P.A. has proudly represented and advised hundreds of companies on their corporate governance needs. Our firm can do the same for your company! Here are some of the corporate governance services our firm offers:

  • Draft/Amend Articles of Incorporation, Organization or Partnership documents.
  • Draft/Amend Bylaws, Shareholder, Operating or Partnership agreements.
  • Drafting notice of meetings and corporate resolutions.
  • Creating equity classes and/or preferred rights within your corporate structure.
  • Drafting investor or subscription right agreements.
  • Representing your company in regulatory compliance and investigations matters.
  • Developing and drafting crisis management policies.
  • Develop and drafting risk management policies
  • Review shareholder communications

With our extensive corporate industry and regulatory knowledge, you can depend on the Campbell Law Group P.A to ensure your company is built on a strong foundation starting with its formation to the implementation of comprehensive corporate governance documents which shall form the bedrock of your company. Please contact us at 305.859.4751, via chat or website submission to set up a consultation.


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