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A merger (or “merger of equals”) occurs when two companies of similar size or otherwise beneficial to each other, collectively agree to join into a single entity. An entirely new business entity is formed from the two original entities, generally for the mutual benefit of each company. Mergers can be friendly or hostile and can occur through various methods such as hostile takeovers or friendly bids. Mergers can be highly complex and require strict adherence to corporate governance laws such as state statutes, articles of the company, controlling agreements, and in some cases federal and state securities laws.


An acquisition, on the other hand, refers to one company taking over clear ownership of another, and the original company is either extinguished or exists with fewer assets and sometimes less liability.

There are two main types of agreements that most mergers or acquisitions use to effectuate the transaction, they are Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements.

The Merger of two companies and/or Acquisition of a company requires an attorney which is highly experienced in business and corporate legal matters and preferably an attorney who understands the nature of business and has a strong financial background. Here at the Campbell Law Group, we have the experience and the financial background to handle the merger and/or acquisition of companies of any company.

Our firm accepts cases from all over the state of Florida, so whether you need representation for a merger in Miami or a leveraged buyout in Leesburg, we can give you the seasoned representation your business deserves. For more information regarding how our firm can help you, please contact us.


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