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While representing clients whether in business, commercial or employment law matters, our firm’s primary goal is first to help clients minimize the need for unnecessary litigation and conflict where possible. If litigation is necessary, our firm is more than capable of representing your business and helping your business achieve a fair outcome, while guiding your company through the difficulties involved in litigation and achieving its goal. The Campbell Law Group specializes in the following types of litigation:

Business and Commercial Litigation

Litigation can be costly. We try to avoid litigation in favor of other forms of dispute resolution on behalf of our clients unless there’s simply no other alternative. When litigation is unavoidable, dealing with jurisdictional and venue considerations as well as a thorough discovery process and proactively solving any pretrial issues are paramount to getting a commercial litigation action started on the right foot.

Commercial litigation can be fraught with legal complexities and time sensitive requirements that place a heavy burden on business entities. The Campbell Law Group prides itself on ensuring that our clients are well aware of any litigative issues that may arise so that we can always be a step ahead of any potential problems. Likewise, we are equally committed to seeking every advantage for our clients to help ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

As with any state, Florida has particular statutes, rules of procedure and regulations pertaining to litigation actions that your legal representative must be well versed in to effectively represent your business. The Campbell Law Group stays current on all Florida case law through dilligent research, and more importantly, in practice. Keeping current on case law from a knowledge perspective is certainly key to competent representation but regularly exercising the application of case law in trial litigation is what separates us from many other commercial litigation law firms.

From bad faith, breach of duty and business torts to tax disputes, tortious interference and trade secrets, we have represented businesses in the state of Florida in all manner of commercial litigation actions. Whether your business is in the Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County areas near our Coral Gables office or further afield in Tampa, Orlando or any corner of the state, we can provide you with seasoned commercial litigation representation.

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