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The Campbell Law Group is well-equipped to serve businesses throughout Florida with all manner of legal matters. Our unique breadth of knowledge, thanks to a wealth of both business and legal experience, will provide you and your company with a well-rounded representation for all of your business’ legal needs. Though we cater to many small and mid-sized businesses, we are prepared to accommodate the needs of companies of all sizes—no matter how small or large.

Our firm can assist with the full life-cycle of your business, from startup or purchase to dissolution or sale, and everything in between. Our business and commercial law practice focuses on the following services:


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5 Signs Your Company Should Pursue Litigation

5 Signs Your Company Should Pursue Litigation

A dispute arises between your business partner, client, manufacturer or a third party. What do you do? First you should try to resolve the dispute as amicably as possible. However, if an amicably approach does not work, then you need to consider other dispute...

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