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The Campbell Law Group provides general counsel services to many entrepreneurs and expanding small, mid and enterprise level businesses who do not have a need for a full-time in-house counsel or who have in-house counsel but require additional help, specialized legal services, litigation support or representation in a state or country where the company does not have the legal team in place.

Our familiarity with the legal issues that growing businesses face allows us to anticipate the legal risks our clients are likely to encounter and to develop strategies for addressing those risks before they reach critical stages. As an outside general counsel, our firm can be relied upon to effectively manage and evaluate business risk and resolve discourses typically arising from complex and commercial operations. Our firm’s goal in providing general counsel service is to effectively manage and achieve optimum legal and business solutions whenever your business requires them.

Additionally, we work proactively with clients to build a strong working relationship and gain a deeper understanding of their business and goals. Throughout the relationship, our firm is dedicated to learning about the culture and unique business needs of a client company and to provide specialized legal advice consistent with their needs and budgets to resolve any issues that may arise.

For companies with existing legal counsel, our goal is to accentuate your representation in a support role and, if asked, to take the lead on any specialized legal issues or actions in which we can leverage our firm’s extensive experience and provide our client with an advantage.

Examples of the type of General Counsel Services we frequently provide to our clients include:

  • Corporate governance and compliance oversight
  • Contract review, negotiation, drafting, and administration
  • Assessing and mitigating legal and business risks
  • Ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws
  • Routine business registration and licensing requirements
  • Routine regulatory requirements, reports, inquiries, and inspections
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business dissolution and partnership disputes
  • Inter-state and International Transactions
  • Litigation support and legal project management
  • Corporate, Commercial, and Complex business litigation

The Campbell Law Group is based in Miami and serves the entire state of Florida.  We have served as general counsel for corporations and companies in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Palm Beach and virtually every corner of the state.

Our firm’s general counsel service can be an invaluable resource to your company and legal team. Contact us for more information.


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