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Regina M. Campbell, Esq is the Managing Partner of The Campbell Law Group based in Coral Gables, Florida. She is recognized for her unique insight, resourceful problem-solving skills and understanding of how legal issues affect people and companies differently.


Giuseppe Salurso
Giuseppe S.
I contacted a few law offices before … Finally, I chose“The Campbell Law Group" the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. Excellent team. Professional, honest, organized. I really enjoyed how genuine and friendly everyone in the team was. I am very grateful for their excellent job!
leodan benitez
leodan B.
Regina is honest, hard-working, and amazing in court! She's an excellent trial lawyer!I could not be happier with her service.
Adrien Riguidel
Adrien R.
Great lawyer, Regina is very personable. The office is very nice and everyone I met was nice and friendly.
Barbara Miranda
Barbara M.
The best Lawyer in town.
Robert D. Scott
Robert D. S.
Nick Neville is amazing!! He was professional, knowledgable and extremely helpful- a real superstar. I'm so glad I found the Campbell Law Group, I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much Nick!!
The best of the best!
The Campbell Law Group is the epitome of professionalism. They have handled all of our corporate litigations with stellar results. Great Law Firm!!
Roy Campbell
Roy C.
The best when it comes to integrity and ethics!!!!!!
Orlando Santana
Orlando S.
Excellent law firm ! The service provided is impeccable and I recommend all my clients to the Campbell Law Group on a regular basis...
Bert Salazar CFEI, LUTCF
Bert Salazar CFEI, L.
Regina Campbell is a meticulous professional and did a masterful job on a contract with very limited time, due to deadlines. Cannot say enough about her work ethic, and in the end, it is only about protecting the client. She did! Thank you Regina.
Don Warshaw
Don W.