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    Tortious Interference

    What Is Tortious Interference? Part 1

    In this video, Regina Campbell gives an introduction to Tortious interference. There are two types of relationships. The first one is tortious interference with a contractual relationship and the second is tortious interference with an advantageous business relationship which is also known as tortious interference with an economic relationship. Both have their own separate elements with potential causes of action. Stay tuned to learn more about each one.

    What Is Tortious Interference? Part 3

    In this video Regina Campbell (www.thecampbelllawgroup.com)  talks about tortious interference with a Contractual relationship which is very similar to tortious interference with an economic/advantageous business relationship but as the name implies, contains a contract. According to Ms. Campbell, this type of cause of action has a  third party which interferes in the contractual relationship of two other individuals. Usually, a plaintiff has a contract and the defendant tries to intentionally cause a breach which may lead to loss of client/vendor or relationships. Pure competition is not considered an actionable offense, it has to be clearly intentional. Causation and damages will be addressed by Ms. Campbell in the next videos.

    What Is Tortious Interference? Part 2

    Regina Campbell (www.thecampbelllawgroup.com) talks about tortious interference with a business relationship / economic or advantageous business relationship. It is the existence of a relationship between two parties and a third person (defendant) coming in and intentionally looking to break apart the relationship or cause a breach. The 4 elements to prove this kind of cause of action are the existence of the relationship, the defendant’s knowledge of the relationship, the defendant’s identified interference with the relationship, and most importantly damages. Stay tuned to learn more.

    Divorce & Post-Divorce Actions

    Is my Marriage Valid in the U.S? Religious vs. Civil Law Marriage?

    In this video, Regina Campbell answers frequently asked questions by immigrants wanting to know whether their marriage outside of the US is valid in Florida. The main question addressed in this video is whether religious and/or civil Law marriages which occur outside of the U.S.  are recognized or treated differently than civil law or religious marriages in the United States.

    Es mi matrimonio valido en los Estados Unidos? Matrimonio eclesiástico vs Matrimonio civil?

    En este video Regina Campbell responde las preguntas frecuentes que la mayoría de los inmigrantes desean saber sobre sus matrimonios realizados fuera de los Estados Unidos, y su validez dentro del Estado de la Florida. La pregunta principal de este video radica en que si los matrimonios, ya sean civiles o eclesiásticos, efectuados fuera de los Estados Unidos son reconocidos o tienen un tratamiento diferente a los matrimonios, civiles o eclesiásticos, realizados en los Estados Unidos.

    Employment/Employer Law

    What Every Employer Needs to Know

    Description: This webinar covered a variety of key employment law subjects crucial for employers to have knowledge about such as:

    – Necessary forms: I-9’s, W-4’s and W-9’s;
    – Wages and compensation;
    – Improper classification of employees;
    – Timekeeping;
    – Employee record keeping;
    – Employment agreements and policies;
    – Compliance; and
    – Mitigation of liability and risks.

    Advice for Employers

    I wanted to take a moment and share some legal advice for the employers out there. Protect yourself!

    Divorce & Immigration

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