Vendor Agreements

A vendor agreement memorializes the terms and conditions which govern your company’s relationship with your vendors. A well-drafted vendor agreement can build trust and confidence between your company and its vendors. However, a poorly written agreement leaves each party to wonder what their rights are in the event of a dispute, which is likely to lead to a legal dispute, but also to your vendors being significantly dissatisfied with your company, causing disruptions with your company’s ability to service its clients. Our firm can assist you in drafting a vendor agreement that will protect your relationship with your vendor and your company’s reputation.

The drafting of a Vendor Agreement that suits your particular business needs requires an attorney who is well versed in business drafting and who understands the often complex nature of business/vendor relationships.  Here at the Campbell Law Group, we have extensive experience in drafting all manner of business agreements for local commerce as well as agreements that deal with cross-border transactions and jurisdictional issues that should be taken into consideration when entering an agreement with an international vendor.

We represent clients from all over the state of Florida, coast to coast, from the Panhandle to the Keys.  Whether your company is in Pensacola, Port Orange or Pompano Beach, we can draft a vendor agreement for your business that will set the terms of your vendor relationships in stone.  For more information regarding how our firm can help you, please contact us.


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