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Don’t Wait for a Fiasco to Hire a Corporate Attorney for Your Business

by | Jul 14, 2019

As a business owner, it is best for you to keep an attorney on board for consulting purposes. You can prevent major problems by having a qualified attorney look over all documentation, which affects your company in a legal capacity.

Large corporations hire in-house counsel and keep these attorneys on payroll year-round. When your business is not so large, selecting a corporate attorney to represent you and look over important documents is the only way to protect yourself against future problems.

At the start of your business and throughout the growth and maintenance of your brand name, a consulting attorney will be needed. Common issues which benefit from a professional able to recognize any legal flaws include:

  • Legality of Hiring or Firing: Before you make a major employment decision, you can save yourself some serious headaches by having an attorney check out an employee contract prior to making a hiring or firing decision that could leave you with a lawsuit.
  • Defending Against Employee Discrimination Claims: To avoid any unnecessary costs associated with employee discrimination claims, seek the help of an attorney to prevent any discrimination problems. Ignorance of the law is not a defense, especially for a business owner.
  • Information to Prevent Labor Law Violation: Along the same lines as discrimination, you cannot plead ignorance to labor law violations.
  • Employment Contracts: Have an attorney write an employment contract or review an existing one to prevent any illegal contract agreements. If you are in a field where a non-compete clause is used, an attorney will assess the legality of your clause.
  • Written Agreements Between the Company and its Clients: Before you enter into a supplying agreement, especially a long-term contract with another company, a consultation with another attorney is sure to help.
  • Merger and Acquisition Contracts: The reasoning behind this is the same as the previous item, acquiring another company or merging your resources has the potential to be an extensive legal issue. You need to operate with the belief the company you are working with has already sought the help an attorney.
  • Legal Communications: Even quick letters reminding a client that their account is in default care much more effective when sent and signed by an attorney. Every letter your company sends has the potential to be written by a lawyer. The simple review of your communications by an attorney can prevent serious legal headaches in the future.
  • Joint Venture or Partnership Agreements: No matter how much you trust the person you are going into business with, have someone look over your paperwork. You and your future partner may not realize you are not addressing important legal issues until an attorney looks at the information.

If you want to improve your business and maintain a good name with every stakeholder, seek the help of the attorneys at Campbell Law Group. We specialize in corporate law and are pleased to be your corporate attorney for situations which require consulting. Schedule an appointment with Campbell Law Group at or call at +1 (305) 460-0145.

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