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How to Find a Good Coral Gables Corporate Lawyer

by | Jul 14, 2019

You may think that there are lawyers everywhere, but good lawyers are hard to come by. If you want a lawyer that works in a particular area, then you may struggle even more to find someone that fits your needs.

Finding a lawyer isn’t always about who you talk to, but it’s what you ask him or her before hiring. Below are a few suggestions on how to find a good Coral Gables corporate lawyer.

1. Ask around.

Even though using the Internet is a close second, the way that most people find an attorney is by asking friends, family, and coworkers. These people can give you a trustworthy, honest opinion about a particular attorney. Remember, word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most popular marketing methods among consumers.

If you are specifically looking for a corporate lawyer, your friends in the same business are going to be invaluable. Do they go to a specific attorney? Do they like this attorney? If they use someone but are not particularly happy with their services, look elsewhere. Unlike many individuals, businesses sometimes get stuck using the same legal counsel for years even though they may not be happy with them.

2. Get online.

A lawyer’s website says a lot about them. If their website is professional and polished, it is much more likely that the attorneys at that particular firm will be too. Business attorneys, in particular, know the value of a great website.

You can also look to legal directories and rating websites to get more information about attorneys in your area. Often, these directories let you narrow to a specific type of attorney or a certain geographic area. The American Bar Association or the local bar association can also be a good resource.

3. Check experience and qualifications.

When it comes to your business, you don’t want to take any chances. Lawyers often specialize in certain areas of the law, and corporate attorneys are no exception. Be sure that the attorney who you have in mind has experience in your particular practice area.

If you are dealing with a complicated business venture, you do not want to put your business in jeopardy by using a lawyer who has never done this type of work before. You can often find information about a particular attorney through these online directories, but their website may have information about their prior cases as well.

If you can’t find information, then ask. Meet with any potential attorneys and ask them if they have done what you need previously. Ask for specific examples and ask how it turned out. You should also consider coming up with hypothetical situations in case something goes wrong during the transaction. Is this attorney willing and able to represent you in court if something goes awry?

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