Corporate Governance

Since the start of the twentieth century, various curbs have been placed on the power of corporations, including antitrust and securities laws, financial reporting requirements, and adherence to various pieces of legislation related to workers’ rights, health and safety, environmental impact, and more.  All such mandatory controls strengthen the “real entity” definition of a corporation and make corporate governance an obligation, rather than a luxury.

For this reason, it is in the interests of a company of any size to draw up Corporate Governance documents to define what the company’s purpose is, who will oversee its operation, what its priorities are, and where accountability lies (where the buck stops).

Corporations of all sizes should sit up and take note of the changing tides in both law and consumer awareness and the impact both of them have on your company.  The development of robust and comprehensive corporate governance documents has become a necessity. 

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The Importance of Corporate Governance

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