Breach of Contract

Equitable Resolutions for Damaging Business Contract Breaches

Contracts are the backbone of any business dealings, and when another party breaches a contractual obligation with your company, it oftentimes becomes necessary to take swift and decisive action.

A breach of contract occurs when one party to an agreement fails to fulfill any aspect of its legal obligations to the others. The nature of the breach will vary depending on the exact terms of the original agreement.

A breach of contract can result in serious damages to one’s business interests, including a loss of customers, a loss of business, or a loss of products or productivity.

As the victim of a breach of contract, you may have the right to seek monetary damages in civil court. However, contract law is highly complex. Even if you have proof the other party breached the contract, you need a skillful business attorney to vigorously represent your business, and it may be in your best interest to pursue alternative forms of dispute resolution before proceeding with litigation.

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