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4 Ways to Respond to Customer Complaints – and Possibly Avoid a Lawsuit

by | Jun 13, 2019

Customer complaints are going to happen with any business. Even if you have an excellent product and superior customer service, someone will be disappointed. While you may not get complaints very often, ignoring the complaints you do receive could not only be detrimental to your brand – but it could put you at risk for a lawsuit.

Any time your business receives a complaint you need to act quickly. While these methods won’t guarantee you will never be sued, they could help reduce your chances an upset customer will file a lawsuit.

Hire Excellent Customer Service Staff – and Train Them

You do not need an entire team, but you need enough customer support staff to field calls that come in. Not having enough staff means that your business may take too long to respond to customer complaints or you may not even have the staff to monitor complaints via social media and email. So, hire enough staff members to handle customer concerns and complaints, then train them. Your staff should be attentive, polite, and ready to help solve your customer issues.

See if an Employee is the Issue

Review customer complaints carefully and see if they are pointing out a bad employee. All it takes is one poorly performing employee to upset a handful of customers for your business. While one complaint is nothing to worry about, multiple complaints against the same employee should be investigated right away.

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Take BBB Complaints Seriously

The Better Business Bureau is not a government agency, but the complaints made on there should be taken seriously. The BBB gives you thirty days to respond to customer complaints and ignoring those will go on record – telling future customers that you do not respond to complaints and resulting in a poor BBB rating.

Refuse Customers Who Cannot be Pleased

Sometimes it is better to refuse service than deal with customers who cannot be pleased. As long as you don’t have a contractual obligation to that customer, you reserve the right to refuse their business, which could save you the hassle of multiple complaints or a lawsuit from a client who just cannot be pleased.

Consult a Business Attorney

If you have a customer complaint or a lawsuit, you need the assistance of a business attorney. An attorney can help evaluate a customer complaint or lawsuit and defend your business. The team of business litigation attorneys at the Campbell Law Group work as an extension of your business. We can help you with those exhausting customer complaints, help draft better contracts, and assist you with your litigation concerns. Contact us today for a consultation by calling 305-460-0145.

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