Tortious Interference

All companies are built on relationships, and more specifically, contractual and other advantageous business relationships. As they say, no man is an island and no company can operate and succeed without developing numerous relationships and connections.

Unfortunately, there may be those who would seek to purposefully interfere with or do harm to these relationships, which could potentially spell ruin for your company. Often times, this may even be parties with whom your company formerly had an employment relationship and who are improperly using trade secrets or violating confidentiality through a current or prior employee or independent contractor of the company.

So what can a business owner do in the face of such malevolence? Tortious interference can occur in one of two categories with contractual relationships or with advantageous business relationships. If a third-party seeks to intentionally damage your contractual or advantageous business relationships, then you may be able to pursue litigation to recover both economic and punitive damages.

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