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Family Lawyers

Whether you’re considering a divorce, fighting for custody, need to determine paternity, or looking into cohabitation or prenuptial agreements, your family matter is very personal. Our team of experienced attorneys have seen every type of family issue imaginable and we understand what you’re dealing withWe have families ourselves, so we know every family is unique. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to your family. That’s why we devote special attention to each of our clients, customizing solutions that work best for each individual family. No matter how complex or unique your circumstances may be, we’re here to help. We will get to know your needs and provide guidance to get you the best possible results. If things get ugly, we aren’t afraid to aggressively fight for you. No matter what, we’ll be in your corner, helping you resolve your matter as efficiently as possible.

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If you have a family law question or would like to discuss your rights & options, contact our office today. We offer an initial consultation at a reduced rate where we will analyze your needs and create an action plan, no strings attached. In the event, that you hire our firm to handle your case, the initial consultation will be free.

Our team has experience in every type of family matter, so we understand what you’re dealing with. Let our experienced attorneys guide you in the right direction and gain some (much needed) peace of mind.

We’ll stand in your corner and work hard to get the best results for your & your family.

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