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How to Properly Write an Employee Handbook

How to Properly Write an Employee Handbook

by | Jun 13, 2019

Running your own business can be a very exciting but stressful opportunity. For many business owners, once they have shifted the focus from getting their business up and running, it is then time to focus on how to ensure everything with your employees is correctly in place.

Many businesses have some sort of employee contract, so that each employee understands certain areas of their position, such as healthcare and job status.

Still, a question remains with many employers: Should you implement an employee handbook? There are several pros of using a handbook, but it is important to make sure it is properly written.

Benefits for the Company

Implementing an employee handbook can serve many purposes for your company.

For the most part, one of the biggest benefits of creating an employee handbook can help prevent any confusion about issues such as dress code, sick leave, and what is expected of each individual employee.

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As a supervisor or boss, answering these questions on a regular basis can become quite overwhelming when you’re trying to accomplish other tasks during the day. An employee handbook can eliminate these questions and provide your employees with a simple solution if and when they have any questions.

Benefits for Employees

An employee handbook can also serve many benefits for the employees of the company.

The manual will allow them to answer any questions they may have and know what they can do during their shift to provide nothing but the best work performance.

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A lot of employees are interested in how they can go about obtaining raises or how they can finagle their sick leave to get the most out of their time off. An employee handbook can answer these questions and give them more motivation to work harder for their goals.

Writing the Handbook

When it comes to writing your handbook, it is imperative to seek out assistance from an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer will be sure to include every aspect that will help you avoid any possible arguments or disagreements with employees as well as keep the law in mind when it comes to following all guidelines.

Some things that should be included in your handbook are:

  • Work Performance –the goals and objectives expected of each employee
  • Benefits – the benefits your company has to offer and their costs
  • Anti-harassment policy – to avoid any confusion as to what will and will not be tolerated
  • Equal Opportunity Employment statement – this will keep you covered in the case that your employee feels they have been wronged because of race, gender, etc.
  • Salary – each employee should know when they will be paid, how they will be paid, and their job status
  • At-will employment disclaimer – this should include a section that explains what an ‘at-will employer’ means
  • Discipline – a section of discipline should include the kinds of punishment and how many times a person can be disciplined until termination
  • Receipt – a signature or something to recognize that the employee has actually received the handbook
  • Overview – a brief description of what your company does and your company’s vision and mission

Contact  Experienced Employment Contract Attorneys

At The Campbell Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be to run a business and have to worry about constructing the perfect handbook or employee contract. If you’re having issues with an employee or need assistance writing a handbook, contact us today at 305-460-0145 to see how we can help your business. We want to help ease the process on your journey to success.


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