Shareholder & Partnership Disputes & Dissolutions

Assertive & Tactful Problem-Solving for Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Few things can destroy a business faster than disputes between shareholders and business partners. No matter how like-minded the various owners of your company may be, at some point or another there are always going to be disagreements. Some issues may be relatively simple, and the opposing parties may be able to resolve the problem amongst themselves, but other disputes may escalate and require a firm but diplomatic legal approach.

There are a number of ways shareholders and business partners may be required to settle their disputes, depending on the specifics of their company’s bylaws, shareholder agreement, or operating agreement. Various forms of dispute resolution ranging from negotiation to arbitration to litigation may be on the table. Attorneys from The Campbell Law Group will work within the constructs of your company’s agreements regarding dispute resolution to achieve the best possible outcome as it relates to your personal ownership interests and your company’s interests.

Oftentimes, the goal may be to find an equitable resolution that will preserve the business relationship and the company itself. Other times, particularly when a dispute cannot be overcome, a dissolution of the business or forced buy out of one or more of the owners may be necessary.

The Campbell Law Group will work to analyze the circumstances surrounding the dispute as well as your goals in taking action, and help you decide upon and pursue the most effective and reasonable method for dispute resolution.

In situations where the company will be dissolved, we will work to ensure that the process is carried out expeditiously and compliantly.

In addition, The Campbell Law Group offers various fees structures that are available to our clients for some of our services, including disputes between shareholders. Some of those fee structures include, but are not limited to reduced hourly rates, flat fees, hybrid (combination of hourly with a monthly maximum and contingency fee/percentage if proceeds are collected) and contingency based fee structure.

If you are embroiled in a dispute with shareholders or partners in your business, please contact The Campbell Law Group today to schedule a FREE consultation. We offer flexible fees for shareholder disputes, which include pure contingency, hourly fees, or a hybrid option, which combines an hourly fee with a max monthly amount and a percentage of the winnings.