Shareholder/Operating Agreements

Properly Define the Rights and Obligations of Your Company’s Ownership

Few aspects of building a company are more important than effectively defining the rights and duties of the company owners, whether through a Shareholder Agreement for corporations or an Operating Agreement for LLCs and partnerships (sometimes called Partnership Agreement).

Both documents can help provide business owners with valuable control and flexibility over numerous aspects of the operation of their company, such as dictating member or shareholder rights with regard to selling one’s stake in the company, defining what happens to an owner’s interest in a company when he or she dies or is incapacitated, appropriately allocating profits and losses, management of the company and imposing procedures for dispute resolution.

There is a nearly endless list of roles, obligations, regulations, and entitlements that can be defined in a company’s Shareholder or Operating Agreement, and The Campbell Law Group will analyze your needs and work with you to create a document that effectively addresses your company’s unique circumstances, accounting for both expected and unexpected future developments.

For a more in-depth discussion of the importance of operating agreements, be sure to download our FREE resource: 8 Reasons Why Operating Agreements are Essential for Business Owners and Partnerships.

Let The Campbell Law Group work to ensure your continued business success through drafting an effective Shareholder and Operating Agreement for your company. Give us a call today to discuss your goals, needs, and options.

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