Protecting Yourself from Employees in Florida

Employees should be one of your company’s greatest assets. Unfortunately, there are times in which an employee can become your company’s greatest liability and can even expose management and/or owners of a company to personal liability.

Here are some examples of actions that businesses can take in order to try to avoid a lawsuit with their employees:

  1. Have clearly written job descriptions, along with the employee’s responsibilities and your expectations of their performance.
  2. Work with HR to make sure the work environment is as safe as it can be for everyone.
  3. Always be very clear about company policies which should be written in comprehensive employee handbooks and should also include clear language explaining any disciplinary processes.
  4. Keep detailed written documentation of any bad behavior or underperformance by each employee.
  5.  Have high standards and demand them from employees equally.
  6. Do not discriminate for any reason; age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, etc.
  7. Keep comprehensive timekeeping and employee records.
  8. Ensure that you are properly classifying employees either as hourly or salaried employees.

If you do happen to fall under a lawsuit, The Campbell Law Group can diligently and effectively represent your company and help your company develop legal strategies that suit your company’s needs and helps mitigate your company’s risk.

Here are examples of how our firm can help protect you from your employees: 

  • Drafting Employee and Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Drafting Non-Compete and Non-solicitation Agreements
  • Represent your company in any Employer-Defense Litigation that arises
  • Helping your company perform audits of your employment policies, procedures, and pay structure.
  • Drafting comprehensive Company Policies, Handbooks and much more!

Protecting yourself from employees requires an attorney which is experienced in complex business and employment legal matters and litigation and preferably an attorney who understands the nature of business and has a strong financial background.  Here at the Campbell Law Group, we have experience in helping companies protect themselves from their employees through the above examples.

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Regina M. Campbell

Corporate and Family Law Attorney and
Collaborative Family Law Attorney


Hofstra University Maurice A. Deane School of Law – Hempstead, New York Juris Doctorate (2007)

Florida International University – Miami, Florida – Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (1998)


Florida Bar (2009)
United States District Court for the Southern District (2013), Middle (2015) and Northern Districts of Florida (2018)
United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida (2015)
Member of the Collaborative Family Law Institute, Inc. (2017)

Regina is the Managing Partner of The Campbell Law Group based in Coral Gables, Florida. She is recognized for her unique insight, resourceful problem-solving skills and understanding of how legal issues affect people and companies differently.

One of Regina’s biggest passions is litigation. Regina and The Campbell Law Group PA have seen a great deal of success in prosecuting and litigating business fraud and ponzi schemes, tortious interference with a business relationship cases, non-compete cases, shareholder actions, complex divorce and post-divorce actions, especially cases with recalcitrant parties with a talent at hiding assets and/or avoiding support obligations amongst others causes of action.

Regina is fluent in both English and Spanish and has assisted businesses and families from over twenty countries with their business and family legal needs.

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