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Legal Zone Season 2, Episode 2: Int’l Arbitration & Litigation: The Importance of a Governing Law

Principal Attorney of the Campbell Law Group, Regina Campbell, discusses International Arbitration & Litigation: The Importance of a Governing Law & Venue Clause with Guest Speaker George A. Bermann. George A. Bermann, Professor of Law at Columbia Law School in New York, is an active arbitrator in both international commercial and investor-state disputes. His extended experience in international arbitration would be fascinating to our audience. The Campbell Law Group P.A. while representing clients whether in civil, corporate, commercial, employment, or family law matters, our company’s primary goal is first to help clients minimize the need for unnecessary litigation and conflict where possible. If litigation is necessary, our company is more than capable of representing you or your business’ interest and helping you achieve a fair outcome while guiding you, your family, and your company through the difficulties involved in litigation. Contact us by calling our office at (305) 460-0145 or emailing us at service@thecampbelllawgroup.com.

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