The Campbell Corner Podcast – Cindy Luna – Season 1, Episode 2

In this Episode, the Host of the Campbell Corner, Regina Campbell (Principal Attorney of the Campbell Law Group, PA) interviews Hollywood Actress, Cindy Luna. Regina and Cindy discuss a myriad of topics in this delightful podcast. If you are a fan of Cindy Luna, you will not want to miss a minute! The Campbell Corner podcast is designed to discuss current events, knowledge, and interest of various local and national leaders, professionals, and business owners. The Campbell Law Group P.A. while representing clients whether in civil, corporate, commercial, employment, or family law matters, our company’s primary goal is first to help clients minimize the need for unnecessary litigation and conflict where possible. If litigation is necessary, our company is more than capable of representing you or your business’ interest and helping you achieve a fair outcome while guiding you, your family, and your company through the difficulties involved in litigation.

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