Non-Solicitation/Confidentiality Agreements

Non-solicitation and/or confidentiality agreements can be used in various different circumstances, such as with employees, independent contractors, during the sale or purchase of a business or to restrict owners of the company from using confidential information acquired as an owner in order to improperly acquire a commercial or personal gain from the information that belongs to the company.

Non-solicitation agreements are essential to protecting your company’s relationships such as those with your past, present or prospective clients, employees or vendors from third parties intending to poach them.

Confidentiality agreements can also be used to protect important information, such as your client or vendor lists, however confidentiality agreements are usually more broad and comprehensive and protect information that can never be shared or used by a third party lawfully, such as a customer’s price or purchase history with your company or the disclosure or use of intellectual property that belongs to your company. Often, non-compete agreements are coupled with non-solicitation and/or confidentiality provisions or agreements.

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