Mediation is a discussion between parties involved in a conflict or legal matter, led by a mediator. A mediator is an independent third-party who facilitates a discussion between divorcing parties or parents attempting to negotiate a time-sharing plan for their child. Both parties can also be represented by counsel during a mediation, but the structure is less confrontational than traditional litigation. What is discussed during mediation is both confidential and non-binding, so it is entirely up to each party whether they ultimately decide to reach a legal agreement with the assistance of their lawyers. The Mediation process affords each side a chance to be heard and attempt to resolve their differences without court intervention. Mediation also enables you to be heard and have a say in the outcome of your own matter, a feature which many clients like.

At Campbell Law Group, we believe collaboration is the ideal way to resolve a family matter. That’s why our team has joined the Collaborative Family Law Institute-so that we can offer clients a low-conflict alternative to the adversarial process, like mediation and other tools such as Collaborative Law and arbitration.

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