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Due to the recent surge in the real estate market in South Florida over the past couple of years, the real property landscape has changed forever in Florida. There are many challenges associated with investing, mortgaging, selling, buying and managing real estate properties even for the most seasoned investor.

Our firm has a unique blend of law and experience in the South Florida real estate market. We have represented buyers, sellers, investors, and companies from different industries such as restaurants, retail stores, pharmaceutical and tech companies with their real estate transaction needs and investors from all over the world.  Our attorney’s unique skill sets and experiences set the Campbell Law Group PA apart from most firms. 

The Campbell Law Group also brings to the acumen of Lucilo Ramos, Jr., Esq, a board-certified real estate lawyer with over twenty-eight years of experience. Along with Mr. Ramos’ expertise, the firm’s principal attorney Regina M. Campbell brings the strength of her corporate and real estate law experience to the table and is a licensed title agent for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties as well as refinancing of residential and commercial properties in the state of Florida.  In addition, to Mr. Ramos and Ms. Campbell, the firm has an international associate, Virginia Mansilla, Esq, who is barred in New York and Argentina to help guide the firm’s international clients. Ms. Mansilla is also a realtor, with over twelve years of experience in South Florida real estate.

Our firm offers the following real estate transactional legal services:

  • Residential Closings: Regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller, our firm can help navigate and represent you during the closing processes of the purchase of your home.
  • Buying or selling your home (full-service option): Our firm can help represent you throughout the purchase or sale of your property, starting with reviewing your listing agreement, as well as help you review your condo or homeowner association and purchase agreement. Our attorneys are also capable of helping you with any issues that may arise during the inspection period or any contract and title which are uncovered prior to closing.
  • Drafting and reviewing a residential or commercial agreement: Our attorneys are vastly capable of reviewing and/or draft a multitude of residential and commercial agreements that protects your interest. Such agreements, include, but are not limited to rent/lease to own agreements, sales purchase agreements, lease agreements, right to rent agreements, coownership agreements, financial instruments related to the purchase or lien on a real property and other types of collateral agreements.
  • Purchasing or selling a property for investment purposes: Our firm with its corporate and real estate experience can aid you or your business in selling or purchasing a real estate property for investment purposes. Our firm will provide guidance to you and your business each step of the way and assist in the preparation of the corporate formalities and agreements which are required, as well as those related to the purchase of the property itself.
  • Closing agent and title services: Whether it is a cash or a mortgage real estate purchase and all you need is a closing agent, our firm can help you.
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Our firm can also assist you with evaluating whether to enter a commercial real estate transaction or not. Such evaluation commences by first gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, its needs and whether the commercial property is appropriate for your company’s needs. Our firm will help you and your business review all local codes and zoning laws to ensure that you can use the property as intended. In addition, to evaluating whether the property will be suitable or not, our attorneys can aid you in contract preparations, reviewing documents such as lease, purchase and construction agreements, as well as all related financial documents necessary for the transaction.

Our firm helps individuals and businesses with their real estate needs all over Florida while also serving South Florida counties such as Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach specifically. Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer may be beneficial for you and your needs. For more information regarding how our firm can help you, please contact us.

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