Enforcement and Modification

Family issues don’t always end when the divorce or paternity decree is awarded. In some cases, disagreements continue even after the parties enter into an agreement or a Court Order defines the division of assets or time-sharing of children. If you’re dealing with an ex who refuses to comply with the terms of your divorce, paternity or custody agreement, you may need to enforce your rights in court. If you’re in this position, the attorneys at The Campbell Law Group, P.A. are ready and willing to aggressively fight for your rights.


Sometimes after a divorce or entry of a paternity judgment, circumstances change for the parties or their children. Such changes may require modifying, enforcing, or setting aside final judgments, parenting plans or marital settlement agreements. If your alimony payments or child support payments are insufficient or you can no longer afford to pay the alimony or child support payments or if you need to modify your current parenting plan, you should seek modification through the courts. 

If you’re in this position, the attorneys at The Campbell Law Group, P.A. can analyze your change in circumstances and whether or not you may be entitled to a modification.

Foreign Judgments

If you obtained a divorce or custody award in another state or country (also known as a Foreign Judgment), before moving to Florida you may need to ask Florida courts to uphold your prior agreement and enforce your rights under Florida law.  If you need to enforce your rights in Florida, you will need to domesticate your foreign judgment before being able to do so. The attorneys at the Campbell Law Group PA can help you domesticate and enforce your foreign judgment if necessary.

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