COVID Business Waiver

As businesses around the country begin to reopen their doors, businesses face unprecedented and unchartered legal challenges. One of them is whether your business has additional risk or liability due to the Covid 19 virus when you reopen its doors?

Currently, the answer to that question is likely yes, without more guidance or immunity from our local, state or the federal government. A business’ risk when it reopens its doors, likely comes in one of two forms: from its employees or from its client and/or any third party whom enter the business for any reason.

As such, it is advisable that every business adopt in its legal documents, company and employee policies (subject to new laws and guidelines related to employees which our firm can also help you understand if needed) and physical postings a waiver of liability due to injury, illness or damage which a client or employee may suffer related to the Covid 19 virus. A liability waiver is a cost-effective first step that you can take to protect your business against potential liability for exposure claims.

Our firm can help your business draft a Covid 19 business waiver that will reduce and/or mitigate the risks your business may face during and after this pandemic.

If you are interested in having a waiver drafted or if you have any other questions or concerns related to your employees or business issues related to Covid 19 or otherwise, please feel free to contact us or schedule a virtual or in person meeting by clicking here.

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