Contract Formation and Negotiation

Drafting & Negotiating Contracts that Suite All of Your Business Needs

At The Campbell Law Group, we know that ensuring a contract is drafted properly will often help fend off and prevent future disputes related to that agreement. While there’s no guarantee that you won’t find yourself in a contract dispute, a document that is properly drafted will certainly help deflect numerous different types of lawsuits. We have a strong conviction that if anything is worth doing, then it must be done right the first time.

There are two primary ways in which a contract is drafted. Some contracts, such as Express Contracts, are dependent upon negotiations where terms of the contract are decided. Other contracts, such as Adhesion Contracts, are often standard agreements where the person offering the contract simply states the terms and the person signing the document can either “take it” by agreeing to the terms and signing, or “leave it” by deciding not to enter into the contract and not signing.

Express contracts involve negotiating the terms involved in the agreement. The primary negotiator of these terms should normally be your lawyer. At The Campbell Law Group, we offer services related to both types of contracts in the Miami and South Florida area, and are able and proven negotiators. If it is a contract that involves having a dialogue with another party and their legal representatives, we will represent you throughout the process, advising you as to the effect that any and all terms may have on you and the agreement. Our primary purpose in drafting the contract is to minimize your risk to the fullest extent possible.

In drafting either type of agreement, our experienced and knowledgeable contract lawyers will verify that each aspect of the agreement conforms to the law, that it is fair, and that you are protected by the terms named within the document. You will understand each and every part of the contract, including the benefits afforded you, the amount of risk you are taking, and specific details regarding any services or products associated with the agreement.

Some of the common contracts with which we can assist your business include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer contracts
  • Distributor contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Strategic partnership alliance contracts
  • Commercial transactional agreements and security interest

After drafting the document and receiving your approval, our law team will also make sure that it is properly executed. In circumstances when the contract is not properly executed by the other party, we will also provide an aggressive defense of your rights through breach of contract litigation.

Be sure to contact The Campbell Law Group today for all of your company’s contract formation, negotiation, and litigation needs.

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