Complex & High Conflict Divorces

Divorces rarely proceed smoothly. When a divorce starts to enter “ugly” territory, we aren’t afraid to aggressively fight for our clients. If you are in the middle of a complex or high conflict divorce, read on to learn more about your rights and possible strategies.

To the people experiencing them, divorces always seem complicated and full of conflict. So, what, exactly, makes one divorce more complicated than any other divorce?

The simple answer is that there are red flags which may indicate you’re headed toward a high conflict divorce.

Red Flags That You Might Be Facing a Complex Divorce

  • You’ve been married for a long time, have a family business, or extensive assets.
  • Your spouse has filed for divorce in a different jurisdiction.
  • You or your spouse have or are expected to receive money from an inheritance or trust.
  • You or your spouse are self-employed, and determination of income will be difficult.
  • Your spouse has mental health or violence or addiction issues
  • Your spouse is behaving spitefully when it comes to your shared children or is engaging in parental alienation.
  • Your spouse has abandoned you and/or the children, refuses to communicate with you at all, or has moved far away
  • Your spouse is out for revenge and isn’t above “getting dirty”
  • You spouse is disabled, has never worked, or refuses to work
  • There has been a history of abuse or protective orders have been filed (even frivolously)

Complex Divorce Strategies

Depending on your situation, there are several strategies to deal with complex divorces, some of which may need to be used simultaneously. If you are a business owner or have extensive assets, our attorneys combine their corporate and family law expertise to safeguard your hard-earned assets. When dealing with addicted or abusive spouse, we can file emergency motions with the appropriate court to temporarily ensure the safety of your children in the interim before a final decree of divorce. Alimony and attorney fees and cost motions are also a commonly used tool in the most complex of divorces, whether you need financial support to maintain your lifestyle or you’re fighting your spouse’s unreasonable requests for support.

High Conflict Divorce Strategies

While negotiation and mutual agreements have gained popularity in recent years, they don’t work for every family. Especially if there has been a history of abuse, addiction, or harassment, cutting off communication with the other party may be your best option. In high conflict divorces, communication should be strictly limited, with your respective attorneys doing most of the talking. Strong emotions often fan the flames of a high conflict divorce and leaving the communication to attorneys ensures emotions are left out of the dialogue. If you have children with your high conflict spouse, you can arrange exchanges in a well-lit, public location or even have third parties (like grandparents) pick up your children so you can avoid unnecessary contact.  There are various types of tools in which can be used in these type of divorces and the Campbell Law Group can help guide you.

Many people wait too long to contact an attorney, often waiting until a divorce turns ugly or transitions into high-conflict territory before seeking help. If you’re experiencing any of the red flags mentioned in this article, it’s wise to contact an experienced family lawyer as soon as possible, before things get too far out of hand. Sometimes, the best support you can have during a tough divorce is an advocate who’s willing to stand up for your (and your children’s) best interests and one that knows how to navigate these kind of waters.

At Campbell Law Group, our attorneys are well-versed in complex and high conflict divorces. We know what you’re going through and we aren’t afraid to fight aggressively for your rights.

If you’re worried about a complex or high conflict divorce, contact us for a consultation. We’ll provide you with honest, customized advice, and a strategic action plan to give you some much-needed peace of mind in a difficult situation.

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