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    The Campbell Law Group P.A. focuses its practice on civil, corporate, and family law matters. We proudly accept referrals and collaborative co-counsel relationships, as well as do consulting services in a range of cases, including family law, corporate and commercial law, employment law, construction law and environmental law. The Campbell Law Group P.A. has valuable experience in going through the trial process, as well as negotiating, mediating, and obtained a favorable result without the need for extensive litigation. We have the resources necessary to pursue a case from pre-litigation through mediation, and all the way to trial.

    Our firm has worked with a number of dedicated attorneys who have trusted us with referred cases and co-counsel opportunities to help secure a successful result for their client’s needs. We are eager to share our experience whether through co-counseling or consulting with other attorneys in the legal community who are committed to proving clients with quality representation.

    An association with The Campbell Law Group, P.A. can bring unparalleled value to your legal practice. The Campbell Law Group PA have seen a great deal of success in prosecuting and litigating business fraud and ponzi schemes, tortious interference with a business relationship cases, non-compete cases, shareholder actions, complex divorce and post-divorce actions, especially cases with recalcitrant parties with a talent at hiding assets and/or avoiding support obligations amongst others causes of action.

    Ms. Regina Campbell, the managing partner of the Campbell Law Group, P.A., is known for her creative solutions to complex problems, her comprehensive knowledge of the law, and her diligent work ethic. Her unique skillset allows her to effectively represent her clients and protect their rights in dissolutions involving the division of their business interests, and has helped her secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets from recalcitrant parties attempting to evade support obligations and the division of assets.

    The Law Campbell Law Group can help your client, whether it be in civil, corporate, and family law matters achieve great results, and help you take your law firm to new heights. For legal consulting and co-counsel services contact us either online or by telephone at 305-460-0145.

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