Audit and Assessment Tools

Audit and assessment tools are essential for every company to ensure legal compliance with all employment laws. Audits will uncover gaps in any employment processes or procedures in which a company has put into place and should help minimize the risk of litigation and regulatory violations.

Typically audits vary in nature from comprehensive to specific depending on the reason for the audit, whether it be as a result of a lawsuit filed, an incident which brings the deficiencies to light or when company is overhauling is human resources department and processes.

Our firm can help your company perform audits and create assessment tools to identify compliance issues with federal, state and city local laws such as including, but not limited to misclassification of exempt and nonexempt employees, inadequate time keeping records and personnel files, deficiencies in safety/work incident logs, improper compensation deductions, inconsistent company policies and errors in I-9 form.

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