Florida Tortious Interference with an Advantageous Business Relationship

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Relationship-building can take years, as can the development of your most important trade secrets for that matter, while the destruction of these elements of your business can occur in an instant.  Similarly, a business deal can take months and even years of planning to come to fruition while intentional third party interference can stop a deal overnight.  When outside entities move to harm the economic fortunes of your company while enriching their own in the process, they are tortfeasors committing tortious interference with an advantageous business relationship.

There are certain facets of tortious interference that must be demonstrated to litigate successfully. The plaintiff must be able to demonstrate the existence of an advantageous business or economic relationship or potential relationship that the tortfeasor was aware of.  The plaintiff must also demonstrate that the tortfeasor intentionally and unjustifiably intervened against the pending or possible relationship between your business and another client or company (such as a vendor or supplier, a business entity you were considering the purchase of, a business under consideration for a merger, etc.).  And finally, the tortfeasor’s action has to have resulted in damage to your business.  In most cases, the tortfeasor’s tortious interference must be intentional in order for you to collect damages and must include some sort of wrongful act (such as the improper use of confidential information which a tortfeasor uses to interfere with your clients or beneficial relationships).

Litigating against tortious interference with an advantageous business relationship requires aggressive legal representation well versed in Florida tort law and with extensive familiarity in bringing forth tortious interference cases in Florida courts.  Our firm not only has the expertise but the myriad resources necessary to build a solid case and litigate a tortious interference action on your behalf.  Experience matters.  Your business will benefit from a law firm that can anticipate the opposing counsel’s arguments brought forth in such cases.  Whether drafting contracts, negotiating or litigating, our goal is to anticipate every potential issue that may sideline our client and deal with it proactively.   

If you think someone has tortiously interfered with your business relationships in the state of Florida,  the Campbell Law Group can help you stop the interference and recover the damages that you are entitled to.  Our office is located in Coral Gables (Miami Dade County) but we serve businesses all over the state.  

The Campbell Law Group will work to provide an assertive defense for your company against any potential tortious interference. Please contact us today to set up a consultation and discuss your options.

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