6 Tips to Help You Win Lucrative Government Contracts

As you probably know, government contracts are some of the most lucrative contracts available—no matter what industry your business operates in. However, landing such contracts is no walk in the park. Not only is competition fierce, but you must also walk a tightrope between putting forth a bid that will be irresistible to the government, but also fiscally reasonable and manageable for your business.

In today’s blog, we have provided four useful tips for those companies that want to land more government contracts. Please keep in mind that this blog is not intended as legal advice for your specific situation. Contact The Campbell Law Group today and let us provide advocacy and guidance to your business regarding your unique circumstances and the best course of action regarding your potential government bids.

1) Know your strengths

It is absolutely vital that you have a strong grasp of what it is your company does better than its competition. If you cannot think of anything that you do better than your competition, you either need to think harder or change something about your business. If you are not able to effectively demonstrate why you are a better option for the government than other potential contractors, you stand little chance of winning your bid.

Know your company’s unique strengths, and be sure that you effectively demonstrate them in any and all applications, proposals, and communications.

2) Learn from success

Compare your company and your bid to those that have been successful in the past. If there are other companies which you know have been successful at winning government contracts before, learn everything you can about that company and compare them to your own. How are they different? What did they have to offer that the government was so interested in? This can give you some insight into the types of favorable qualities that the government may be looking for when it comes to specific types of contracts.

3) Build relationships

Every business owner should have a solid understanding of the fact that sometimes WHO you know is equally as important—or perhaps even more important—as WHAT you know. Your first steps in landing more government contracts should focus on improving your company and offering the best product or services. However, it certainly does not hurt to have governmental decision-makers know your name.

Familiarity goes a long way, and when all things are equal between your bid and another bid, and the decision-maker is familiar with you and your business, he or she is more likely to lean in your direction.

4) Compliance, compliance, compliance

When it comes to garnering government business, you need to prepare yourself for the mountains of paperwork and regulatory requirements which must be properly completed and adhered to. Compliance issues at any point in the bidding process are almost sure to sabotage your chances.

5) Strict adherence to bid requirements is a must

Pricing is very important, but more important to winning a bid is demonstrating that your company possesses the technical skills to fulfill all of the technical requirements of the bid and the Federal Government’s needs and objectives. All too often, companies are caught up in the pricing and informing the company of their abilities, but fail to specifically address the concerns and technical requirements that the Federal Government needs to see in your offer.

Failure to properly respond to the Federal Government’s technical requirements and/or show that you can meet them is fatal to your offer.

6) Properly register with the Federal Government and obtaining preferential treatment

Many of the bids solicited by the Federal Government offers companies preferential treatment over its competitors, such as an additional ten percent allowance between your company’s offer vs. your competitor in a pricing war. The Federal Government is also mandated by Congress to give special set-asides and preference to small and disadvantaged businesses over large companies in many of their bids.

The road to bidding for a government contract is paved with many obstacles that can be overcome by knowing what the government is looking for and by taking advantage of the numerous programs offered by the Federal Government that could make the difference between being one of the offerors in a bid to actually winning the bid.   

However, the Federal Government registrations and certifications (if you qualify) for special treatment require a great deal of planning ahead of the bid.

Fortunately, a skilled attorney can help ensure you are compliant with every aspect of the government bidding process, giving you the best opportunity to win the government contracts your company covets. Contact The Campbell Law Group today to learn more.

Written by Wilmer Rojas