Stalled Airport Project May Lead to Suit Against Miami-Dade

Contractor Odebrecht USA has stated that it may sue Miami-Dade County, which runs Miami International Airport, for long delays in planned upgrades to the MIA airport. The city has been planning new commercial development around the airport for six years, but nothing has gotten off the ground. The contractor feels that it has been misled by the city over the years and has wasted millions of dollars in pursuing the Read More

Small Business Administration Changes the Definition of a Small Business

The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced new definitions for small businesses that may add an additional 8,500 businesses as “small businesses” overnight when the rule goes into effect on July 14, 2014. 500 Industries Affected The Small Business Administration is modifying its definitions of a small business depending on the particular industry. Each industry is measured using different standards. Some Read More

Insider Trading 2.0?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently called high-frequency trading “Insider Trading 2.0.” Alternatively, the director of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo Wright, feels differently about the new stock trading practice. She has explicitly said that it is not unlawful insider trading. The contrasting ideas of two powerful Federal regulators is somewhat surprising. The differences in opinions between Read More

Miami’s Business Atmosphere Attracts Venture Capitalists

Miami is a major incubator of new businesses and has been called the most entrepreneurial city in the U.S. Miami’s position as a city with a highly unique culture, very diverse population, and connections to Latin America, make it both a highly appealing place to start a business. But these factors are also daunting from a business law perspective as businesses must navigate a complex web of local regulations as well Read More

What Can a Miami Business Lawyer Do For A Small Business?

The business world is a competitive, complex jungle. No one knows that better than the thousands of small business owners in Miami. Those who run companies of various sizes appreciate how difficult it is to control costs, grow revenues, and generally try to stay afloat. Through it all, there are complex rules and regulations to abide and the constant risk of dispute between other businesses, customers, or employees. Read More

Explaining the New LLC Rules in Florida

On June 14, 2013, Governor Rick Scott signed into law a new set of rules on the formation of Limited Liability Companies, or LLCs, in Florida. For new and existing LLCs in the state, it may be necessary to consult a business attorney to provide guidance on this new law to get a better understanding of what will change when the law goes into effect on January 1, 2014. LLCs in existence before January 1, 2014 can Read More

Common Types of Litigation in Business

Business litigation encompasses a wide range of cases usually pertaining to commercial disputes. Such disputes may arise from the breach of or tortious interference with a contract, a violation of trade laws, or disputes between partners or principals of a firm or corporation, or between shareholders and the officers of that corporation. Read More

Why Hiring a Business Lawyer is a Good Idea for Your Startup

Why You Need a Business Lawyer The most important reason to consult a business lawyer from the start is that it protects you from future situations in which you might lose substantially more than what you would have paid a lawyer in the first place. In the worst case scenarios you may find yourself in situations where you could lose everything due to poorly-worded contracts or articles of incorporation. More Read More