The Finality of Arbitration Decisions and Awards in Florida

If you enter into arbitration and a decision is reached that either favors you or is not in your best interest, what are the chances that the decision made by the arbitrator may be reversed or overturned? According to the Florida Supreme Court, which recently made a decision in an arbitration case involving a contract made between the home healthcare institution known as Visiting Nurse Association and Jupiter Medical Read More

Family Business Ownership

Family owned businesses might thrive over several generations. In order to experience lasting success, a family owned business must transition ownership from one generation to another. To maintain a healthy business and preserve family harmony, it might be better to transition ownership to members of the family who are active participants within the business, while permitting non-active members of the family a Read More

Expediting Mediation in a Contract Dispute Benefits You

Although when you are in the midst of a contract dispute you never want to rush mediation efforts in manner that might harm your position, you do want to make sure that the process does not drag on. Mediation that takes a lot of time can cost you a lot more money, engender delays, and interrupt your ability to conduct business. One major cause of delays in the mediation process is associated with discovery. The big Read More

Ten Important Facts About the Florida Revised Limited Liability Act

The Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act became effective at the start of this year -- have you adjusted your LLC to meet its new guidelines? LLCs already existing as well as those newly-formed must abide by the conditions, but fortunately they can submit a retroactive application as late as January 1, 2015. If you own an LLC in the state of Florida, please do not let this information go unnoticed. Chapter Read More

We Help You to Set Up Your Business Entity

Are you a new small business owner in Florida? Do you and your small business need assistance in setting up all the legal aspects associated with running a business? Have you been trying to figure out how to classify your small business? There are several types of business entities you can choose from when you go through the process of starting your own company. You can choose to become a sole proprietor, Limited Read More

Contract Types and Contract Arbitration and Mediation

Are you currently in a dispute between one of your clients or suppliers and are considering legal action to assist in settling the dispute? Or do you need a contract drafted up for your business? Regardless of the needs of your business, contact one of our business contract management attorneys today at Campbell Law Group. Mediation and Arbitration Counsel One of our attorneys can act as a mediator to assist you and Read More

Where Businesses Turn to For Legal Advice and Counsel

We Fight for You Do you need to hire an attorney to represent you in a business lawsuit? If so, consider an attorney with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you with your case.Our experienced attorneys will what is necessary to reach an alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including arbitration and mediation which can help save money and time. However, if an ADR is unattainable, then we will help to Read More

What You Should Know about Wage and Hour Cases in Florida

Throughout the state of Florida, in addition to discrimination lawsuits, workers are also striking back at their employers with wage and hour cases. According to employees, wage and hour laws are constantly violated by employers including issues concerning unpaid overtime, working off the clock, and unpaid wages. Discrepancies between federal and state laws are largely to blame. Read More

Business Intellectual Property: What You Need to Know?

In today’s digital age, intellectual property for businesses is more important than ever. Not only is it important for businesses to recognize and protect their own intellectual property, it’s also important for businesses to recognize other business’ intellectual property and the laws surrounding “borrowing” content and images. What is Intellectual Property? When we talk about intellectual property, what exactly Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Handbook for Employees

Your business needs an employee handbook, plain and simple. Do you already have one? If so, you are one of the proactive business owners out there, but if not you have some work to do -- and it's easier than you think. Take some time out to create your employee handbook and you'll be thanking yourself down the road when you avoid employee litigation or discontent. However, if you already have an employee handbook, Read More